International Literary Awards, Penelope Niven prize in creative non-fiction 2018; Judge Seema Reza, on “Sister Tongue”:

“Thick with striking sensory detail and lingering images, "Sister Tongue" traces the narrator’s return to Tehran after 25 years abroad. It is lush and lamenting, returning again and again to the tongue, the mouth, the breath, considering both the power and constraints of language and the work of silence in family connections and the continuous shift of one’s sense of self. A truly gorgeous piece of writing.”

Kurt Brown Prize, 2017; Judge Brian Oliu

"I am a sucker for any story that is a search for language--there's something beautiful about trying to find the words to say something while using a tongue that is familiar to us--to somehow write ourselves into a form of translating what we cannot understand. This piece, about overcoming being a stranger in a place where one should feel at home, is a beautiful examination of all of the words that we mispronounce.”